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Enzo Server supports SSL connections for both HTTP and SQL requests. By default, SSL is enabled for all HTTP requests; however specific administrative steps may be required to configure SSL. Generally speaking your certificates need to be bound to the IP Address and Port Enzo is listening on.

To see which certificates are bound on the server, you can run this command at the Windows Prompt using elevated privileges:

netsh http show sslcert

Configure SQL SSL

To configure SSL for a TDS listener you will need to edit EnzoUnifiedSvc.exe.config; this configuration file is found under the install directory of Enzo Server. Find the <instance> node for the tds protocol and add the following attributes:

  • certStore: the certificate store where the certificate is found
  • certType: how the certificate will be found (possible values are: subject, thumbprint)
  • certIdentifier: the certificate identifier (either the subejct name or the thumbprint value)
  • encryptionRequired: set to true to force encryption on the instance

The certificate name should match the machine name, or a wildcard certificate.

Configure HTTPS

To configure the HTTPS protocol simply bind the encryption certificate to the HTTP port Enzo is listening on. No changes to the Enzo configuration file is necessary.

Please contact support for configuring your SSL endpoints.