Enzo Server
  Quick Start
  Core Features
    Async Calls
    Edge Cache
    HTTP Access
  Advanced Capabilities
    Change Data Capture
    Configuration Settings
    Logins & ACL
    Current Executions
    Linked Server

  User Guides
     Sharding Overview


    All Adapters

    Create A Simple Adapter
    Best Practices
    Developer Guide
      Handler Columns
      Handler Options
      Handler Decorators
      Dynamic Columns
      Table & Table Enumerators
      Virtual Tables



Enzo Server installation instructions are provided in a separate PDF document so you can download and read them offline. The information provided below is a summary of the detailed installation instructions.

Download Installation Instructions PDF Document

To download the Enzo Server installation binaries, please visit the Download page.

Important Notes
The default installation of Enzo Server automatically installs the free edition, allowing you to use almost of the available features. To enable the paid features please contact our support team at for obtaining a license file.