The Enzo Platform

Accelerate Integration Projects Using a Modern & Flexible Data Platform

Eliminate Integration Roadblocks

Implement end-to-end integration solutions that are flexible, easy to change, and quick to build with Enzo Unified's platform. Leverage the power of 4GL to rapidly connect your existing applications, whether On-Premises or SaaS, and create custom integration solutions in minutes.

API Virtualization

Data Synchronization


Enzo Accelerators

Platform Capabilities

Our technologies are designed with a core principle: agility. We've crafted our platform to provide direct API connectivity and the flexibility for rapid customizations to support ever-evolving business rules. Our platform simplifies the creation and maintenance of custom integration processes, delivering end-to-end, easily maintainable business solutions.


Connect to virtually any API endpoint, protocol, or device using our Enzo Server product and quickly build custom integration solutions.

Data Pipeline

Replicate and synchronize data from any source to any target system easily using our Data Pipeline engine.

4GL Workflow

Build custom integrations quickly and change your business processes instantly without complex redesign efforts.

Data Hub

Quickly build a Data Hub by ingesting and synchronizing data from any source system into your data lake in any cloud platform.


React to changes using an eventing architecture that allows you to choreograph your integration across systems easily.

Messaging Hub

Connect virtually any messaging platform to any other one with automatic metadata mapping, enabling cloud-to-cloud message forwarding in a multi-cloud strategy.

Business use cases the Enzo Platform enables

Empower your business with rapid integration

Mergers & Acquisitions

Simplify business acquisition through seamless platform integration and data aggregation.

SaaS Modernization

Facilitate the adoption of new SaaS technology platforms with simpler ERP and legacy systems integration.

Multi-Cloud Strategy

Eliminate common challenges presented by multi-cloud strategies through API abstraction, replication, and hybrid messaging connectivity.

Agile Teams & DataOps

Empower your DataOps teams by enabling Agile development processes with your integration projects using our powerful 4GL capabilities.

Disconnected Replication

Aggregate and replicate data with strong resiliency from any number of remote sites even with limited connectivity.

Cloud Analytics

Implement data pipelines into any cloud platform to build or enhance your data lake and leverage cloud analytics, AI/ML, and cloud dashboards.

The Enzo Difference

Buy vs. Build: a TCO Discussion
The Enzo platform makes the buy vs. build decision easier by offering a highly competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for integration projects.
Business Process Automation: The Secret Sauce
The Enzo secret sauce is simple but powerful and is at the core of our technology: using 4GL for business logic.
Our Integration Team is Here to Help
We have the API knowledge and the expertise to solve complex problems quickly. Once we build it, you can grow your integration layer on your own or we can maintain it.

Our Technologies

The Power of 4GL Integration

Implement business process automations solutions using the power of 4GL that is easy to maintain and grow as business needs change.

The No-Code Hybrid Data Integration Pipeline

Point-and-click functionality keeps your data flowing across sites and remote locations with our Data Pipeline technology.

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