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Handler Options

Handler Options define how a handler can be called. By default all handlers can be called as an EXEC operation. The following handler options are available and can for the most part be used together. For example, to define a SELECT handler and make the handler available as an HTTP GET operation, the following handler options would be used as part of the handler registration command:

HandlerOptions.Select | HandlerOptions.HttpGET

To prevent the handler from being called through an EXEC call, add the NoExec handler option:

HandlerOptions.Select | HandlerOptions.HttpGET | HandlerOptions.NoExec

Option Use
None Can only be called from EXEC commands; no HTTP allowed.
ConfigRequired A configuration setting must be active before calling the handler
IsExtendedOpsSupported Indicates the handler supports the use of extended operations other than an assignment (= sign) on input fields; by default only the = sign can be used on input fields
NoExec EXEC command is not allowed.
NoTableOps SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE operations are not allowed on this handler
Delete Indicates this is a DELETE handler
Insert Indicates this is an INSERT handler
Update Indicates this is an UPDATE handler
Select Indicates this is a SELECT handler
ValidationSupported Indicates the handler supports argument validation prior to executing the actual operation
NoColumnsReturned Indicates no columns are returned by the handler
VarCols The handler returns an unknown number of columns at design time
HttpGET The handler supports HTTP GET operations
HttpDELETE The handler supports HTTP DELETE operations
HttpPOST The handler supports HTTP POST operations
HttpPUT The handler supports HTTP PUT operations
HttpJson Indicates the returned format is a JSON document
HttpXml Indicates the returned format is an XML document
HttpHtml Indicates the returned format is an HTTP document
ImplementsFiltering Leaves data filtering up to the data entirely
ImplementsTopN Leaves the TOP N operation up to the handler entirely
RequiresSysAdmin Requires the current user to be an Enzo System Administrator
RequiresSecurityAdmin Requires the current user to be an Enzo Security Administrator
NoREST Handler does not support REST calls
RequiresServerAdmin Requires the current user to be a Server Administrator
RequiresSqlStatement Indicates that the handler needs the full initial SQL Command submitted as part of its TableRequest property for inspection
IsView Indicates the handler will be treated as a View from client applications
NoAsync Indicates this handler does not support Async operations
NoVirtual The handler cannot participate in Virtual Table definitions

Handler Options not listed above are considered for internal use only