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SDK Overview

The Enzo Software Development Kit (SDK) offers a simple way to extend the capabilities of Enzo Server. Although Enzo Server comes with powerful capabilities and a large number of adapters, you can use the SDK to:

  • Abstract protocols or remote systems as SQL and REST endpoints
    Creating adapters allow you to abstract protocols and remote system APIs through simple SQL and REST commands. For example you can build an adapter to abstract a security system, or a set of log files, or even a SaaS platform not currently offered as an adapter by Enzo.

  • Extend SQL Server with new external functions
    A major benefit of building adapters for Enzo is to expand the capabilities of SQL Server. For example you can build custom encryption mechanisms, create parallel and asynchronous processes, or embed complex logic that will be exposed to SQL Server and as a REST endpoint at the same time.

  • Build solutions that leverage multiple adapters
    You can build an adapter that leverages multiple adapters to create a unique solution that would otherwise be very complex to build. For example you can create a synchronization service as an adapter in Enzo that leverages both the Twitter and the SQL Server adapters, and expose this service through a trigger in a SQL Server database or as a SQL Agent Job.

The Enzo SDK is currently offered at no charge. You can build new adapters with the Enzo SDK using free software only.

You write adapters using the C# language by implementing specific interfaces that Enzo provides.