Enzo Server
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  Core Features
    Async Calls
    Edge Cache
    HTTP Access
  Advanced Capabilities
    Change Data Capture
    Configuration Settings
    Logins & ACL
    Current Executions
    Linked Server

  User Guides
     Sharding Overview


    All Adapters

    Create A Simple Adapter
    Best Practices
    Developer Guide
      Handler Columns
      Handler Options
      Handler Decorators
      Dynamic Columns
      Table & Table Enumerators
      Virtual Tables




Enzo Server is a data service that allows you to call any supported system using native SQL commands and/or HTTP calls directly. This documentation will help you get started quickly with Enzo Server and will introduce you to some of the more advanced features like Edge Caching, SQL Integration and Change Data Capture.

Installation Instructions

First you need to install Enzo Server on a dedicated server running Windows Server 2016 or later; note that it is also possible to run Enzo Server on Windows 10 but the server edition is recommended for production workloads. You will also need a SQL Server 2016 database (Express edition or higher) preferably installed on the same server.
See installation instructions here.

Quick Start

Once Enzo Server is installed and running, you should first get acquainted with the platform before trying more advanced features. Since Enzo Server understands native SQL commands, and you have installed SQL Server to setup Enzo, you can start using Enzo with SQL Server Management Studio.
See the Quick Start section to read more.