Write Flat Files (CSV) Overview

August 2020
Enzo Server

Hi everybody. Today we want to talk about an amazing piece of functionality that Enzo Unified can provide you. This functionality gives you the ability to write directly to a flat file from almost any data source using only SQL commands.

First let's talk about how exporting data to a flat file can be done today and how Enzo can make that easier and more flexible for you.

The way we've all done it today using the tools available is to gather the data that's needed, create some SSIS or BCP package and save the data as a flat file somewhere. Then, if we need to move that file somewhere else, we have to create a scheduler or powershell or use another application.

This process is time consuming and cumbersome, both to start, maintain, and makes changes to in the future.

Or... the Enzo way...

We would read the data as before, but instead of a multi-step process we run a single SQL command to save the data into a flat file, and in the same statement, you can store it to its final location. All with very few lines of SQL. And remember, Enzo can also read from multiple types of data sources with only SQL commands so you can save the steps on the front end as well when you are gathering your data.

Here are just two sample command examples for writing to a file direct from SQL. Notice the different locations are set in the command; one is a local file and the other is a cloud storage location. And here is a list of locations we can send the files directly to.

Local Network File, FTP, ZIP, OneDrive, SharePoint, DropBox, GoogleDrive, S3 Bucket, Azure Blobs.

There are several business benefits to Enzo in time and cost savings, now and in the future as business changes. Enzo is designed to allow you to manage your integrations along with the business changes and continutes to save you valuable time and money.


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