Read and Write Flat Files (CSV) using SQL Server - DEMO

August 2020
Enzo Server

In this short video I will show you how you can read and write flat files with Enzo Unified using SQL commands.

Since Enzo looks like SQL Server, let's connect to Enzo from SQL Server Management Studio.

Using Enzo we can read from any supported data source, such as SharePoint Online. Let's return all available SharePoint lists; this is what we will export as a flat file.

To export the data, let's use the WriteCSV method. The format of the flat file is stored in a configuration setting called GENERIC. In this call, we are exporting the data in a local flat file on the local drive.

Let's open the local file we just created to inspect it. The flat file was generated with TAB separated columns and headers.

We can also create a flat file with a randomly generated file name for automated processes.

With Enzo, we can also read the file that was just created. A SELECT command allows us to do just that.

Writing to other destinations is just as simple. Let's export to an Azure BLOB. To do so, Enzo uses a URI namespace. Other destinations are available, such as DropBox, AWS S3, FTP and more.

And of course, we can also read directly from any of these locations using the SELECT command.

As demonstrated in this video, creating flat files using SQL commands with Enzo is very quick and simple. In most cases this can be done using a single SQL command.

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