New Data Integration Adapter Available for Slack Using SQL Commands

Enzo Unified Announces No-Development Data Connector to Enhance System Support for Remote Teams

Boca Raton, FL (May 11, 2020) – Technology teams ramping up work-from-home (WFH) capabilities for an ever-growing distributed workforce have a new potent tool available that allows them to send alerts, read message, create new channels, control Slack Slash Commands and more.

Enzo Unified, the powerful SQL-centric data connectivity platform from Blue Syntax, created the new adapter that enables deep data integration and real-time data connectivity with Slack. "At Enzo Unified, we think the current remote workforce activity is just an accelerated part of a steady march toward the cloud data ecosystem," says Herve Roggero, Chief Business Kahuna for Enzo Unified. "Businesses are under enormous pressure to do more with less. The threat from COVID-19 has only accelerated what was already underway, making the Enzo Unified platform one of the more valuable tools available for data teams."

Significantly Increase Productivity via Slack Channels

As more and more teams rely on collaboration tools, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Drive, providing staff with the data support they need emerges as a challenge for many small and mid-sized businesses. With the Enzo Unified platform and the new Slack Adapter, teams are empowered to:

In addition to the new Slack adapter, Enzo offers an adapter for Google Drive and will be launching another new adapter for Microsoft Teams very soon.

SQL Commands Make Integration Affordable

Because Enzo was designed to use SQL Commands, Enzo Unified can be implemented without developers or expensive ODBC licenses, often within hours depending on your data sources. The Enzo Slack Adapter makes connecting Slack a very straightforward process. Plus, once you have Enzo installed, anyone with SQL knowledge has the ability to access superior data reporting and set up powerful data automations among any of the connected data sources.

Set Up Your Slack Data Solution at No Charge Today

Enzo Unified offers a free 30-day Edition of its powerful data management software, making it practical to set up and test your Slack solution at no charge for up to 30 days. After 30 days, accessing adapters in the Enzo Unified Marketplace – including the Slack Adapter – requires a Standard or Enterprise Edition of the software. Businesses interested in finding out more can visit the Enzo website to find out more about how to integrate with Slack.

About Enzo Unified – Know SQL? No Sweat.

Enzo Unified is a data connectivity platform created by Blue Syntax that allows businesses to integrate any data source effortlessly using SQL or REST commands. Enzo Unified provides one version of the truth and real-time access to data – whether it resides on premises, in the cloud or within a data warehouse. The technology uses SQL to make installation fast and enable quick usage scaling across tech teams. By using Enzo, businesses can greatly reduce their reliance on expensive ODBC solutions, while extending and enhancing reporting access for any stakeholders with a SQL skillset.

A free 30-day Edition of Enzo Unified provides access to the robust Enzo Adapter Marketplace where more than 50 adapters are available, including SharePoint, Slack, Google Drive and more. After 30 days, a Standard or Enterprise Edition of Enzo Server is required to use Enzo, receive tech support and unlock security features. For more information, please visit or call 800-610-2521.

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