How JJ Taylor Uses Enzo Unified to Synch Data and Achieve Real-Time and Near-Time Accuracy

October 2020 Case Study

As a large, high-volume distribution company with over 800 employees, more than 1,000 products, and several thousand weekly delivery stops for their clients, JJ Taylor’s monthly reporting efforts require data from a wide range of data systems, including Inventory, General Ledger, Human Resources and GPS Tracking, just to name a few.

JJ Taylor had three short-term objectives with their initial interest in Enzo Unified:

  • Automate Monthly Reporting
  • Enable Real-Time Data Exploration and Analysis
  • Avoid Lengthy ETL Development, and Build a more Flexible Data Environment

Data Management Challenges Included:

  • Batch Processing Not Sufficient. Overnight batching limited access to real- time and near-time data.

  • Reporting Challenges. Querying against the GL system was cumbersome and clunky.

  • Lack of Data Exploration. Without a unified view, it was difficult to discover opportunities in the existing data.

  • Rigid and Error Prone Integrations. As the business grew, the company wanted to prevent the issues of human error and ensure their data warehouse evolved as fast as the business did.

  • Lack of Trust in the Data. Without a “single source of truth,” it was difficult to make consistent, valid business decisions.

  • Ability to Execute. With an IT team of less than 10 and no coders on staff, JJ Taylor was facing significant expense and development time to achieve their goals using an ETL solution.

The Solution: Access Data Directly Using SQL & Enzo Unified

Because Enzo is designed to make all data look like SQL, it doesn’t matter what the source is. With Enzo Unified deployed, JJ Taylor has now established a direct connection to their data and, if necessary, can access it in real time.

No coding is needed to install and use Enzo on an ongoing basis. Anyone who knows SQL can install the platform using available adapters within just a few days.

“We don’t have a developer inhouse. With Enzo we don’t need one. We just set up the SQL code and we’re live,” says Ricky Stefancik, Business Systems Lead for JJ Taylor.

With Enzo installed, JJ Taylor was able to save significantly in several ways:

  • Several hours monthly in manual data processes Dozens of hours per month for monthly reporting
  • Several hours weekly in HR data processes
  • Zero training time on new data sources, since everything is available using SQL
  • Enormous time and expense of an ETL deployment, including developers, licensing and more

“Just being able to ingest the data into our warehouse using Enzo saves hours daily,” explains Stefancik. “Now data updates are completed instantly on-demand, rather than batched regularly. However, the biggest ROI came from completely skipping an expensive ETL development project and the ongoing maintenance on an ETL-based data warehouse. Today, if there’s a change in the data source, we can update it quickly using Enzo.”

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