Build custom applications using HTTP to access data from remote systems quickly, using any development language on any O/S, without complex SDKs.

The Challenge

Developing against services can be hard.

Most applications built for mobile devices, web sites and IoT devices face a similar challenge: finding the right SDK can be challenging, and developing on the preferred O/S and language can be very difficult. At times it is necessary to build specialized services to abstract communication protocols, security protocols and other complex logic.

The Solution

Develop with pure HTTP requests.

Building applications with ENZO is extremely simple: no more SDK! Developers can build solutions on any platform, any O/S and language with simple HTTP requests. ENZO standardizes security and communication protocols, and hides most of the complexities that services impose, including retry logic, paging, and callback mechanisms.


Enhanced Security

Simplify development by using a single commnucation and security protocol to access all other systems (auth token, HMAC), and centralize service credentials for enhanced security.

Pure HTTP Calls

Communicate purely using HTTP requests and eliminate SDKs and APIs that are known to change over time, and can introduce significant complexities in your code such as complex authentication, retry logic and paging.

Logging and Auditing

Know which APIs are being called, from where and from which applications, how much data was exchanged and how long each command ran. Audit access to all remote systems, including on-prem and SaaS hosted services.

Ready to get started?

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