Access data easily from SSMS, SSIS, Cognos, SSRS, PowerBI, Excel, ETL tools or any other platform without the need to install ODBC drivers.


Like a SQL Server

Access any data (in real-time or cached) through Enzo just like a SQL Server database, including from PowerBI and other platforms that do not support ODBC drivers.

Showing retweets of @iflymia using PowerBI
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Copy SaaS Data

Export your SaaS data (such as SharePoint lists or SalesForce tables) into SQL Server directly using a single SQL command.

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SQL Agent Jobs

Simplify your data extraction by using SQL scripts instead of complex ETL jobs. Run on a schedule using SQL Server Agent.

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Central Configuration

Enzo Manager is the utility that allows you to store configuration settings centrally and securely so that secret keys are not visible to developers.

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