Automate IT and Business Processes in minutes using simple SQL commands to orchestrate or choreograph integration logic on schedule or in near-time.

The Challenge

Business Process Automation is expensive.

IT and Business Process Automation requires complex logic, senior developers, expensive ETL tools, and months of implementation time. In addition, existing BPA jobs are hard to maintain, run on a set schedule, and contain hard-coded business logic that is hard to document, test, and deploy.

The Solution

Use SQL as the automation language.

Build IT and Business Process Automation using the simplicity of the SQL language and the power of ENZO events to quickly and easily create processes that respond to the evolving needs of growing organizations. This Integration as Code strategy makes it easier to code, test, and deploy business processes.


Integration as Code

Automate IT and business processes using SQL code directly in SQL Server as a scheduled job or using other integration paltforms such as SSIS. Leverage Linked Server for connecting to other systems in real-time.

SQL Server Integration

Deep SQL Server integration allows you to start synchronous and asynchronous business processes when data changes in your database, including real-time data validation, through triggers and stored procedures.

Message Bus Integration

ENZO enables a loosely coupled integration, event-driven architecture with its the ability to communicate to existing queuing platforms, such as RabbitMQ, Azure Service Bus, MSMQ and more using the SQL language.

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