Enzo Unified Signs On to Sponsor SQLSaturday in South Florida

Founder Herve Roggero to Deliver Lunch Address on "Building a Virtual Data Warehouse with SQL Server".

Boca Raton, FL (Feb 14, 2020) - Enzo Unified, the innovative new data technology and development platform that offers and affordable solution to Data Virtualization, will be sponsoring the upcoming SQLSaturday event taking place in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, February 22.
br< This edition of SQLSaturday is focused on Business Intelligence, making it a natural partnership for Enzo, a software maker that provides Data Virtualization tools and enables a wide range of data management and development using SQL commands.

"The data and IT disciplines are going through a very disruptive evolution right now," said Herve Roggero, Founder and Chief Business Kahuna for Enzo Unified. "Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, you can no longer afford the cost of long implementation timelines and expensive, single-use connectors like ODBC drivers. We absolutely want to support the ecosystem as it continues to expand its knowledge around options for harnessing data."

Roggero will be delivering the lunch address focused on the topic of "Building a Virtual Data Warehouse Using SQL." His presentation will discuss the principles of a virtual data warehouse, how you can reduce or eliminate ETL jobs, and how to combine the power of SQL Server and Enzo to build a data warehouse that can deliver near-time and real-time SaaS data to PowerBI, data integration, AI integration, and more.

Data Virtualization Without the Drama

One of the core promises of the emerging Data Virtualization movement is reducing the time and cost of adding new data sources, business processes and automation. To be successful, organizations need to be able to turn on a dime and deploy quickly. Unlike other providers offering Data Virtualization services, Enzo Unified installs quickly and can be customized using SQL and HTTP commands.

"Enzo is a game changer," explains the platform’s Co-Founder and Chief Mad Scientist Jim Mullis. "We designed Enzo to be very nimble. A basic version of the platform can be installed within minutes on a single computer, and customized within days. Even large enterprise installations requiring more structure can be designed and completed within a few days."

"We don’t just talk-the-talk on efficiency, we walk-the-walk," said Mullis. "Being able to use SQL means a significant reduction in complexity and coding time. Anyone with SQL knowledge, like the attendees of this SQL Saturday conference, have the knowledge today to transform their organization’s culture into a much more efficient environment using Enzo."

Microsoft Surface Raffle and Gourmet Breakfast Bytes Courtesy of Enzo Unified

Attendees at SQLSaturday Fort Lauderdale will be eligible to enter in a chance drawing for a new Microsoft Surface. If you’re going, be sure to stop by the Enzo Unified table for more information.

As a part of their sponsorship, Enzo will also be providing light "breakfast bytes" in the morning from Chef Felise, a private Chef out of Boca Raton.

"At Enzo, we’re working to build a no-drama culture so there’s time for professionals to do their best work … their best thinking," said Roggero. "We’re big on supporting innovation. These folks are spending their Saturday in pursuit of knowledge and excellence. It’s the least we can do make it fun and interesting."

PASS SQLSaturday is a free training event from the Professional Association for SQL Server designed for professionals who use the Microsoft data platform. Those interested in attending SQLSaturday 946 - Fort Lauderdale can find out more at

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Enzo Unified is a patented data technology and development platform that works with SharePoint, SalesForce, and many other platforms, and acts as a universal data service. With Enzo, you can tap into powerful server-side development features using simple SQL and REST commands for all your data, integration and Business Process Automation needs. Created by Blue Syntax, Enzo Unified helps empower data super-users at all levels of the organization. A free trial version of the Enzo Unified Data Virtualization software is available for download. For more information, service or sales, please visit or call 1-800-610-2521.

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