Enzo Unified Data Technology Platform Announces 2.0 Preview

Powerful capabilities of innovative data and development software platform grow stronger with latest version.

Boca Raton, FL (May 16, 2019) - Enzo Unified, the patented new data technology and development platform that acts as a universal data service, today announced the 2.0 preview of its revolutionary software that turbocharges development productivity and data accessibility.

Enzo Unified, a solution from Blue Syntax, is available in both Online and Server versions. The platform empowers business analysts and developers to quickly access data and execute business process automation within minutes using SQL and REST commands.

Enzo Online provides HTTP-based webhook development for many services including SharePoint, SalesForce, Twitter, SQL Server, Twilio and more. Meanwhile, the Enzo Server edition enables rapid API development, data governance enforcement, edge caching and SQL Business Process Automation, and offers native, ODBC-free, SQL connectivity for power user data self-service.

Blue Syntax recently previewed the innovative software at a Microsoft Global Azure event, and has already received over 100 downloads. “The capabilities of Enzo Unified are a game changer when it comes to empowering your data and development teams,” said Herve Roggero, the uniquely titled Chief Business Kahuna for Blue Syntax. “We are solving some of the most complex issues that have prevented greater access and usage of data through all levels of the organization. This is not only empowering the business analyst by offering a data real-time self-servicing model, but it also opens up enormous possibilities for Development Leads and IT Architects to reduce implementation timelines and standardize API consumption through a common framework.”

Jim Mullis, who carries the title Chief Mad Scientist, went on to explain, “As more users start working with Enzo Unified and provide feedback, we are quickly bringing enhancements and greater functionality to market,” he said. “With the latest version of Enzo, we’ve enhanced the event detection capabilities of the platform, simplified data caching of remote systems for improved performance, and significantly upgraded the BPA functionality, creating an extremely powerful platform.”

With organizations continuing to look for new ways to harness the power of the cloud, and particularly Microsoft SharePoint, Enzo Unified offers options that can save valuable time and arm teams almost instantly with the information they need. “Peoples’ jaws literally drop when they see the technology in action,” said Roggero. “We’re helping teams build more quickly, eliminating complex ETL processes and increase business agility for faster time to market. That’s the universal goal, isn’t it?”

Upcoming Conferences and Talks

The Enzo Unified team will be sharing more demos and information about the unique platform at the upcoming Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas May 21-23. Stop by booth #622 at the MGM Grand to meet the crew. The Enzo Unified software will again be on display in early June at the South Florida SQL Saturday event at Nova Southeastern University.

About Enzo Unified

Enzo Unified is a patented data technology and development platform that works with SharePoint, SalesForce, and many other platforms, and acts as a universal data service. With Enzo, you can tap into powerful server-side development features using simple SQL and REST commands for all your data, integration and Business Process Automation needs. Created by Blue Syntax, Enzo Unified helps empower data super-users at all levels of the organization. The platform is available in both Online and Server versions. Interested parties may try the latest Enzo Online release with a free account. To download the latest version of Enzo Online or request a demo of the enterprise version, Enzo Server, for your organization, please visit or call 1-800-610-2521.

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