Peerless Beverage Selects Enzo Unified Data Platform to Automate Client Email Notifications in Real-Time Using SQL

Beverage Distributor achieves event-driven automation to improve client communication and enable flexible cloud integrations

Boca Raton, FL (September 15, 2020) - Peerless Beverage Company, a New Jersey based beer and beverage distribution company that delivers more than nine million cases of beer annually to over 3,500 clients, has chosen Enzo Unified as a core Data Management Platform to integrate and automate critical business processes. The company recently deployed a new client notification system that was created using Enzo to provide real-time delivery updates to clients via email and text.

The new system integrates routing and GPS proximity data from systems deployed to the truck fleet, such as GPSInsight and Omnitracs, and then automates outbound email notifications using Send in blue and text updates using Ring Central.

Peerless turned to Enzo after twice attempting to create the automation using custom development. Not only was Peerless frustrated by the high cost of development work, but their task was hamstrung by challenges that were hard to address using traditional development methodologies.

By taking advantage of Enzo Unified’s SQL-based environment, the small IT department at Peerless was able to deploy a new solution themselves, saving them significant budget compared to a traditional development approach, and getting the solution into service much more quickly. "Once I realized Enzo had the capabilities, I knew that we could do it faster, with more flexibility, and at a fraction of the cost," said Jesse Robbins, Director of Information Technology.

"The ability to refine immediately on the fly was extremely valuable," explained Robbins. "I get a lot more flexibility with Enzo, because I’m doing it in SQL. I don’t have to pay someone to build something that may or may not work."

Know SQL? No Sweat

The difference between Enzo and many of the other data management platforms available today is the ability to execute using SQL or HTTP commands. This makes Enzo Unified one of the most nimble and flexible data management tools on the market.

"Rigid ETL Systems and ODBC technology simply cannot keep pace with today’s data management needs," says Herve Roggero, Enzo Founder and Chief Business Kahuna. "As of 2020, we are living in a new world where your clients not only expect the benefits of data automation, they outright demand it.""

Adapter Marketplace Becomes A Springboard to Data Solutions

Using Enzo, integration with many data systems can happen within hours by way of its robust Adapter Marketplace offering integration connectors for more than 50 data systems. Available adapters include a wide range of popular business tools, including SharePoint, Salesforce, Twilio, FreshBooks, Microsoft Teams and many others. There’s even a CSV adapter to make integrating with flat files easier than ever.

Peerless Beverage Case Study Available

Those interested in finding out more about how Enzo Unified and Peerless worked to deploy a Data Automation solution using real-time data can read more in the Peerless Beverage Case Study. Visit to view the Case Study summary and download the report.

About Enzo Unified

Enzo Unified is a data connectivity platform created by Blue Syntax that allows businesses to integrate any data source effortlessly using SQL or REST commands. Enzo Unified provides one version of the truth and real-time access to data – whether it resides on premises, in the cloud or within a data warehouse. The technology uses SQL to make installation fast and enable quick usage scaling across tech teams. By using Enzo, businesses can greatly reduce their reliance on expensive ODBC solutions, while extending and enhancing reporting access for any stakeholders with a SQL skillset.

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