Enzo Unified Announces Accelerator for Azure Data Factory (ADF)

Extend Data Integrations with Ease and Confidence Using Enzo’s Virtualization Technology and Automatic Change Data Capture

Boca Raton, FL (April 14, 2023) - Data management teams using the hybrid integration functionality of Azure Data Factory (ADF) now have a way to quickly and easily extend integrations to more systems by tapping into the power of Enzo Unified’s suite of data management tools.

Azure Data Factory is a powerful data management platform that can span multiple data sources to produce deep insights and unified reporting, and is especially useful with data lakes and data warehouses. However, integrating with legacy technology systems – particularly when those systems are on-premise – is not so simple. Now you can use Enzo Server’s virtualization technology and DataZen’s Synthetic Change Data Capture capabilities as an accelerator to create even more streamlined integrations and eliminate typical integration challenges.

“Many organizations moving to Azure Data Factory are finding that integrations beyond databases, for example, cloud platforms and internal systems, are not so straightforward,” said Enzo Unified’s CV Eaton, a partner in the fast-growing technology company. “With Enzo, you can significantly simplify access to data sources that normally require complex pipelines and data flows. This allows data teams to get their data into ADF faster so they can focus their time on delivering business value.”

Enhance Data Capabilities and Enable Downstream Data Consumption

The sooner data teams can get their data into the Azure environment, the sooner they can tap the powerful tools and capabilities that ADF offers. Because of Enzo Server’s Data Virtualization Technology and DataZen’s automatic Change Data Capture (CDC) capabilities, integrating any data source – whether it’s on-prem, cloud or hybrid is significantly easier. This means that extracting data and insights out of ADF, for example using analytics platforms, such as Power BI or Azure Synapse Analytics, is also easier and quicker.

Reducing the Expense of ADF Integrations

Data teams can easily access remote data with the power and simplicity of SQL, thanks to Enzo’s data virtualization capabilities, and leverage the Self-Hosted Integration Runtime (SHIR) option from ADF if direct connectivity is not possible. In addition, adding DataZen enables data teams to hide the complexities of implementing Change Data Capture on any source system, including HTTP/S data sources, so only the relevant changes are made available to ADF. This can be handled in both a push and pull architecture, while offloading the complex and expensive change identification logic outside of ADF. In doing so, Enzo and DataZen can help significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of their ADF environment.

Empowering Modern Data Management in a Lean IT Business Environment

Enzo Unified’s innovative approach and ability to use SQL commands to integrate disparate systems can help maximize any company’s Azure Data Factory access. Rather than spending weeks or perhaps months building a custom integration, Enzo Server and DataZen let your data team deploy solutions rapidly without significant coding. An Enzo Unified integration with ADF can often be completed in just a few days, or even minutes.

“Enzo turns the concept of Lean IT into a reality. We make it easy to use what you need with ADF and then keep moving without having to slow down for a custom integration every time there’s a new set of data or a new management tool,” said Eaton.

Developers can even build their own solutions on top of Enzo in short order using SQL, eliminating the learning curve of complex APIs and standardizing the authentication and authorization across various APIs.

About Enzo Unified

Enzo Unified is a data management and connectivity platform created by Blue Syntax Consulting that allows businesses to integrate any data source effortlessly using SQL or REST commands, using a unique Integration-as-Code approach. Enzo Unified provides one version of the truth and real-time access to data – whether it resides on premises, in the cloud or within a data warehouse. The technology uses SQL to build process automation workflows quickly and allows organizations to leverage talent across tech teams. By using Enzo, businesses can greatly reduce their reliance on expensive ETL and ODBC solutions, while extending and enhancing data access to any stakeholder with a rudimentary SQL skillset.

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