At a high level Enzo Server behaves like a SQL Server database. Any client application that can connect to SQL Server can also connect to Enzo directly, such as SSIS, SSRS, PowerBI, Cognos, Excel and custom .NET applications.

In addition to responding to SQL commands, Enzo also understands native HTTP/S REST commands, making it the first Data Virtualization platform that can be used by anyone in an organization out of the box, from business analysts to developers.

Because Enzo is a server technology, it offers many cross-concern benefits such as stronger security and access control, auditing & logging, edge caching and more.



Enzo allows you to use simple SQL commands to access remote systems directly such as SharePoint, SalesForce, Twilio, Twitter, FTP, WMI and more. This means that power users can access data directly without the need to code against complex APIs or REST endpoints.

See the list of systems you can access here

Because Enzo is a server product that understands SQL commands natively, there is no need to install client-side ODBC drivers. And because Enzo also understands Linked Server, it is possible to directly access a large number of services directly from within SQL Server stored procedures, triggers, views and functions.

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ENZO allows you to use SQL Server Management Studio as your development environment and SQL Server as the runtime engine of your integration solutions.


Integration as Code

Automate IT and business processes using SQL code directly in SQL Server as a scheduled job or using other integration paltforms such as SSIS. Leverage Linked Server for connecting to other systems in real-time.

SQL Server Integration

Deep SQL Server integration allows you to start synchronous and asynchronous business processes when data changes in your database, including real-time data validation, through triggers and stored procedures.

Message Bus Integration

ENZO enables a loosely coupled integration, event-driven architecture with its the ability to communicate to existing queuing platforms, such as RabbitMQ, Azure Service Bus, MSMQ and more using the SQL language.


Send Slack Alerts when SharePoint List Changes

Run a SQL Job that monitors SharePoint Online and send a message to a Slack Channel when a change has been detected in a SharePoint list.


Simple Employee Onboarding Process Automation using SQL

Build powerful process automation using the power of the SQL language, and leverage Enzo to eliminate the complex API layers.


How to Read and Explore CSV Files from SQL Server

Read and explore flat files (CSV Files) using SQL commands, from SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), regardless of where they are stored.


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