Free 30-Day Trial

ENZO Server 3.1 RTM

Get the connectivity you need across all your data sources with the simplicity and ease of SQL commands.

This free 30-day edition of ENZO Server offers and a full set of basic adapters out of the box. Using the Marketplace you can try any of our premium adapters, such as SharePoint, Slack or SalesForce, free for up to 30 days.*


View the documentation on how to try Enzo Server in Azure

The Standard and Enterprise editions of Enzo Server provide ongoing adapter access, tech support options and additional security settings. See the full feature list and pricing on this page, or send us an email to request more information.

* Some adapters require a subscription to third party vendors and specific configuration settings. After 30 days, a Standard or Enterprise Edition of Enzo Server is required to use Enzo, receive tech support and unlock security features.