Enzo is a patented technology platform that helps you interact with services easily and quickly by removing the need for complex SDKs, standardizing authentication protocols across services and creating a consistent programming model for all supported services.

The uniqueness of Enzo, and the basis for the patent, is that requests are forwarded to the correct system as determined by the incoming request itself. In other words, the request is self-describing; it contains all the pieces necessary to call the desired system, after authentication.

For example, to request data from Twitter, the following command would be sent:

SELECT * FROM Twitter.Timeline WHERE filter = '@nasdaq'

And to request 10 records from a MyTitles list in SharePoint, the following command would work:

SELECT TOP 10 * FROM SharePoint.List@MyTitles

No API development is necessary, no complex authentication mechanism, and more importantly, all service credentials used are safely stored by Enzo. Enzo understands both SQL and REST commands, and can also change data (Insert, Update, Delete) when supported.

Enzo comes in two editions: Enzo Server and Enzo Online. Enzo Server (also known as Enzo Unified) is a product you download and install on your servers, while Enzo Online is a Platform as a Service that runs entirely in the cloud. See below for further details on feature differences.


Both editions of Enzo (Enzo Server and Enzo Online) offer advanced development and automation capabilities. The table below provides a summary of the features available by edition.

Feature Description Enzo Online Enzo Server
HTTP/REST Development Code without and SDK using pure HTTP/REST from any language or platform. Access SQL databases using REST commands.
Enzo Pipelines & CDC Automatically copy and synchronize data from SQL Server, Twitter, SalesForce or SharePoint into a SQL Server database, Azure Bus, Azure Queues or other services.
SQL Development Access SharePoint, SalesForce and all available adapters using native SQL commands within SQL Server for simple business process automation and reporting. Leverage Excel Power Query to access remote systems easily.
Edge Caching Create an Edge Cache of remote resources (such as a SharePoint list, or a file on an FTP site) using Enzo to improve performance and reduce the impact of network downtime.
Data Governance Implement adapters and methods level permissions for fine-grained access control. Keep an access log of all operations performed through Enzo.
Sharding Merge data from multiple heterogenous sources, in real-time, and present a single version of the truth of your data.


Enzo Server and Enzo Online drastically simplify development and process automation allowing organizations to build solutions quickly with high quality.

Use Case Description Advantages Enzo Edition
Rapid Development Eliminate up to 80% of your data layer logic using HTTP REST commands (SDK-less development).  Access adapters using HTTP commands
 Develop from any language/platform
Enzo Server
Enzo Online
Business Process Automation Implement process automation quickly using simple SQL commands and native capabilities of the Enzo platform.  Implement Business Processes in hours; not months
 Store Business Processes as SQL Jobs
Enzo Server
Data Replication & CDC Automatically copy and synchronize data from Twitter, SalesForce or SharePoint into a SQL database for reporting.  Build a reporting database in minutes
 Implement Change Data Capture easily
Enzo Server
Enzo Online
Edge Caching Keep a copy of remote data in Enzo, with automatic refresh, to eliminate performance issues and network reliability issues.  Create cached data sets from remote systems
Enzo Server
Flat File Ingestion Access flat files directly from SQL Server or through HTTP commands, including Excel documents, FTP sites, and Zipped documents.  Easily load database tables from flat files
 Read from Excel files, and Zipped documents easily
Enzo Server