Data Virtualization and API Abstraction without ODBC Drivers

Virtualize, cache, SQL-enable and integrate APIs, SaaS Platforms and Enterprise Systems for servicing your data using native SQL and HTTP commands.

SQL Demo

Evolving from a rigid ETL heavy environment to a Near-Time and Real-Time Data Platform

Real-Time Data

Legacy ETL environments hard-code business logic and cannot process real-time events

Traditional Approach

  Complex orchestration

  Smart pipes, dumb endpoints

  Scheduled based

  Data proliferation

SaaS and Social Media platforms complicate Business Process Automation and near-time integration

Enzo Solution

  Simple orchestration and choreography

  Dumb pipes, smart endpoints

  Scheduled and event-driven

  Single source of data

ENZO Use Cases

CDC and

Propagate changes from one platform to another; replicate data across systems; implement Change Data Capture with replay capability and logging.

SaaS Edge Cache &
Enterprise Views

Execute commands and return data from multiple disparate systems, in real-time or cached, so that your systems share a single source of the truth.

Rapid Development &

Build custom applications using HTTP to access data from remote systems quickly, using any development language on any O/S, without complex SDKs.


Automate IT and Business Processes in minutes using simple SQL commands to orchestrate or choreograph integration logic on schedule or in near-time.

With ENZO Unified we have been able to reduce the need for custom programming and utilize a more flexible, real time data service to meet our operational data integration needs. We saw immediate benefits and a strong ROI by cutting implementation time and costs.

Bruce Whitely, JJ Taylor

How ENZO Works

ENZO standardizes remote and internal systems, and makes them available as a service through HTTP and native SQL commands, so you can access/manage/replicate/integrate your systems more easily.

With ENZO, you can create an edge cache of your SaaS platforms, monitor cloud services, create views that mesh data from all your systems, replicate data from one system to another, and automate business processes within minutes using simple SQL commands.

ENZO Conceptual


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