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Webhook Enablement. API Gateway. SQL Engine. Data Sync. CDC.

Any Data. Any Source. Now. (SM)

A patented data technology and development platform that acts as a universal data service accessible through SQL and REST commands.

Works with SharePoint, SalesForce, Twitter, Twilio, FTP, Microsoft Azure and more.

Empowering People to Access Data Rapidly and Easily Using the Least Effort Possible

With ENZO Unified we have been able to reduce the need for custom programming and utilize a more flexible, real time data service to meet our operational data integration needs. We saw immediate benefits and a strong ROI by cutting implementation time and costs.

Bruce Whitely, JJT Taylor


Rapid API development, enforce data governance, deploy edge caching and implement SQL Business Process Automation.

Best for Enterprise Integration & BPA.


HTTP-based webhook development for many services including SharePoint, SalesForce, Twitter, Loggly, SQL Server, Twilio and more.

Best for IoT, Mobile and RAD.


Automated Data Sync and Change Data Capture from SQL Server, SharePoint Online, SalesForce and Twitter to SQL Server, Azure Queues/Bus, Twilio and more.

Best for data sync as a service.