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Enzo Rapid Application Development

Build mobile, web and IoT applications quickly, with security and high quality by leveraging Enzo's HTTP REST interface, allowing you to build solutions on any operating system or language.

The Challenge

Corporations building web, mobile or IoT applications that need to communicate with Enterprise Systems, cloud services, or hosted platforms, are experiencing long development cycles due to complex development APIs that vary based on the development platform, operating system, and device being used.

Enzo Solution

HTTP REST Development

Enzo provides a simple and consistent development REST interface for a large array of services, including SalesForce, SharePoint, Twitter, and many other endpoints. Because Enzo is an API Gateway that provides many cross-concerns (such as logging and caching), developers can build robust applications quickly.

Example 1: Joe is working on a custom web application in Node.js that needs to update SharePoint items, and send a tweet upon completion. Joe can build a solution using Enzo's HTTP REST interface within minutes, not days, since Joe doesn't need to figure out which Software Development Kits (SDK) apply to his development environment.

Example 2: Jane is building a face recognition IoT solution using C++ and needs to also access a SharePoint list to check images, and send an SMS to security if the person is not recognized. Using Enzo, Jane can build this solution using REST calls only, drastically cutting development time.

Async Calls

Most calls to Enzo can be made using a built-in Async method, simply returning a unique identifier. This allows the client code to continue normal execution and check at a later time the status of the call.

Example: Joe needs to save a record in SalesForce from a mobile application he is building for his company. He can either call Enzo to save the record and wait for the completion of the operation, or call the Async overload to perform the operation asynchronously.


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