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Enzo CDC and Real-Time Eventing

Implement a modern data movement strategy allowing you to replicate data through a direct point-to-point eventing model, or through a more scalable Change Data Capture (CDC) model with multicast and replay options.

The Challenge

Corporations looking to implement real-time data-driven decisions to enhance customers' experience, react to social media events, or simply improve their operational flexibility are left with the daunting task of implementing complex and expensive tools requiring long development time and resources.

Enzo Solution


Enzo's eventing point-to-point integration scenario offers the ability to forward events from one system to another as soon as the event is detected, and acts as a form of Trigger on top of APIs.

Example 1: Joe, a Marketing power user, uses Enzo to configure an event that forwards a text message to his phone as soon as a negative Tweet is received about the company.

Example 2: Jane, an InfoSec analyst, uses Enzo's eventing platform to disable a user account in Active Directory automatically after the employee has been terminated in the HR system.

Change Data Capture

Enzo also offers an advanced Change Data Capture solution that keeps a history of data changes that are then forwarded to other systems, in a multi-cast fashion. Administrators can bring additional destination systems later, and replay past logs.

Example: Jane, an IT engineer, configures Enzo to forward all changes to a specific SharePoint list into an Azure Bus Queue, so that downstream systems can react to data changes in SharePoint.


Enzo also provides the ability to create an initial snapshot of a source system, so that the entire data is replicated to another system. Once the snapshot completed, using the CDC feature can be used to keep both systems in sync.

Example: Jane, a business analyst, uses Enzo to make a copy of a SharePoint table into a SQL Server database, and enables CDC to keep the SQL Server database in sync with future changes made to SharePoint.


Integration as Code