Execute commands and return data from multiple disparate systems, in real-time or cached, so that your systems share a single source of the truth.

The Challenge

Accessing SaaS data requires complex ETL and advanced programming.

Organizations that need to access data stored in a SaaS system will typically build complex custom solutions or ETL jobs to replicate the data closer into a database system so that it can be queried more effectively. The problem becomes even more complex when dealing with multiple sources of SaaS and on-prem data, such as multiple HR and/or CRM systems, which becomes very costly to build and maintain.

The Solution

Bring SaaS data closer with an Edge Cache.

ENZO allows organizations to create an Enterprise view of a remote system data set, and automatically bring SaaS data into a local edge cache so it becomes faster to access and query. This virtually eliminates the need for complex ETL jobs and programming logic. The cache can be set to refresh on a schedule and is available to both native SQL calls and HTTP requests.


Edge Cache

Create an edge cache against any data source (including SaaS platforms) and set a refresh schedule optionally using a cron definition for fine-grained control.

Enterprise Views

Create a strongly typed view definition of a remote system to simplify access using standard SQL commands and optionally create a cache of the data returned by the view.


Leverage the power of SQL to access cached data sets and expose the same cache to HTTP requests. Cached data sets can be access by SQL Server directly.

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