Enzo Data Governance

Implement advanced data governance capabilities with unparalleled control over transparency, auditability, checks and balances, accountability and standardization as it relates to CRM/ERP system access, API calls, and cloud/hosted SaaS platforms (such as SharePoint and SalesForce for example).

The Challenge

Organizations dealing with a large number of data sources, including API endpoints and hosted SaaS platforms need the ability to implement a consistent auditing mechanism so that access to data, or data changes made to those systems, are captured in a way that provides the who/what/when/where information needed by auditors.

Enzo Solution

Auditing & Transparency

Enzo provides a standardized mechanism for users, applications, and systems to access data, through a centrally configured service, providing strong accountability, transparency of data access, and auditability; this level of information is available whether the consuming systems use REST or SQL calls, are hosted on Unix or Windows systems, and regardless of the programming language or application used.

Example 1: Applications sending tweets through Enzo are audited so that the tweet itself cannot be repudiated.

Example 2: A user fetching records from a SharePoint list from Excel through Enzo will be audited.

Accountability & Checks and Balances

Enzo provides an Access Control List (ACL) layer on top of existing APIs and SaaS systems, so that only the authorized users can perform the desired functions. As a result, in addition to being audited, users and applications will only have access to the necessary functionality.

Example: Joe works in the development department, and Jane works in the Marketing department. Enzo can be configured so that Joe can only read using the company's twitter account, while Jane can read and post tweets.


Enzo offers a standardized way of accessing data, either through REST or SQL commands, so that data access and changes are made the exact same way regarding of the source operating system, user or application. This simplifies data access and provides a consistent data architecture across the enterprise for all APIs and hosted SaaS platforms.

Example: Joe needs to access SalesForce data from a .NET web application using Enzo's REST interface. Jane needs to access the same SalesForce data from a Java application and uses the exact same REST call through Enzo. This standardization makes it easy to manage ACLs, implement auditing, and implement other Enzo Enterprise features.