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Enzo Rapid Application Development

Enzo is not an ODBC driver.

Enzo is a Server platform, running as a service, just like SQL Server for example. While Enzo provides data virtualization of APIs, Enzo offers significant additional capabilities, as described below.

The following table provides a summary of capabilities by Enzo and ODBC drivers.

Capability Description Enzo ODBC Drivers
Data Virtualization Virtualize APIs and services so that they can be accessed by power users.
Read/Write Access Provide both read and write access to APIs and services, including hosted PaaS platforms.
HTTP/REST Development Expose API endpoints as both SQL and REST commands and tables.
Data Replication & CDC Automatically copy and synchronize data from SQL Server, Twitter, SalesForce or SharePoint into a SQL Server database, Azure Bus, Azure Queues or other services.
Edge Caching Create an Edge Cache of remote resources (such as a SharePoint list, or a file on an FTP site) using Enzo to improve performance and reduce the impact of network downtime.
Data Governance & API ACL Implement adapters and methods level permissions for fine-grained access control. Keep an access log of all operations performed through Enzo.
Configuration Secrets Vault Centralize configuration settings in a secure vault away from developers.
Asynchronous Features Execute SQL and REST calls synchronously or asynchronously as needed, and schedule calls for later execution.