Virtualize, cache, SQL-enable and integrate APIs, SaaS Platforms and Enterprise Systems for servicing your data using native SQL and HTTP commands.

With ENZO Server you can quickly automate IT and Business Processes, replicate data from remote systems into your organization, and build an edge cache to improve access time of SaaS hosted data.

It takes minutes to implement a fully functional process, not days or weeks.

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ENZO Use Cases

CDC and

Propagate changes from one platform to another; replicate data across systems; implement Change Data Capture with replay capability and logging.

SaaS Edge Cache &
Enterprise Views

Execute commands and return data from multiple disparate systems, in real-time or cached, so that your systems share a single source of the truth.

Rapid Development &

Build custom applications using HTTP to access data from remote systems quickly, using any development language on any O/S, without complex SDKs.


Automate IT and Business Processes in minutes using simple SQL commands to orchestrate or choreograph integration logic on schedule or in near-time.