Enzo Pipelines is a technology that simplifies data movement, synchronization and Change Data Capture (CDC) so that you can concentrate on more important tasks. With just a few clicks you can setup ongoing data synchronization allowing you to extract key information from your cloud systems, and implement a transparent webhook platform for event-driven applications.

See this blog post for differences between Replication and Webhook pipelines.


With Replication Pipelines, extracting your SharePoint Online data, or even SalesForce tables into a SQL Server database has never been easier. Within minutes you can setup your configuration settings and let Enzo do the work. Complete with automatic retries your data will be synchronized and kept up to date on an ongoing basis.

CDC & Replay

Implement a Change Data Capture with Enzo Pipelines to integrate with SalesForce, SharePoint and even Twitter, so that any changes are forwarded to a message queue, bus, or even a messaging system for downstream integration. Enzo Pipelines allow you to replay from any point in time if needed.


Create Webhook Pipelines that allow you to push HTTP messages to one or more messaging platforms and other HTTP endpoints easily, with guaranteed message delivery and replay capability. Add/remove destinations without changing application code.