HTTP Rapid Development

Use HTTP/REST to send SMS messages from Twilio easily from IoT devices, web applications and Mobile devices. Allows you to make phone calls too.

POST ENZO_URI/bsc/twilio/sendvoicemsg HTTP/1.1
_config: myconfigname
phonesToCall: 1234567890
twiml: hello world.

No SDK or client libraries required.

Works with: Enzo UnifiedEnzo Online

Native SQL

Send SMS text messages from within SQL Server databases and SQL Server Jobs; make phone calls using SQL commands.

exec Twilio.SendSms '1234567890', 'Testing 1, 2, 3...'

exec Twilio.SendVoiceMsg '5617140681', 'Call me back!'

Integrate with SQL Server directly.

Works with: Enzo Unified