Enzo allows you to build solutions and replicate data out of SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online easily and quickly.

Among other things, Enzo allows you to:

  • Break the 5,000 item limitation of SharePoint Online
  • Increase performance with an edge cache
  • Eliminate the complexities of the CAML Querying language
  • Call SharePoint (read/write) from SQL Server directly
  • Synchronize a SQL Server table with SharePoint lists


HTTP Rapid Development

Use HTTP/REST to access SharePoint lists (read/write) and users/groups easily from web applications and Mobile devices. Allows you to specify custom queries (CAML automatically created).

GET ENZO_URI/bsc/sharepoint/getlistitemsex HTTP/1.1
_config: myconfigname
viewname: mylist
where: State='FL'

No SDK or client libraries required.

Works with: Enzo ServerEnzo Online

Native SQL

Access SharePoint lists (read/write) and users/groups directly from within SQL Server databases and SQL Server Jobs; query SharePoint list fields; cache lists in Enzo; automatic paging for large lists and more.

SELECT ID, Title, Amount,Age FROM sharepoint.list@Posts WHERE Age >= 40

EXEC SharePoint.GetDocumentAt '/documents/personal/2016/scienceproject.docx'

SELECT * FROM sharepoint.groupusers where name = 'owners'

Integrate with SQL Server directly.

Works with: Enzo Server