HTTP Rapid Development

Use HTTP/REST to access SalesForce tables (read/write) easily from IoT devices, web applications and Mobile devices. Allows you to specify custom SOQL queries.

GET ENZO_URI/bsc/salesforce/query HTTP/1.1
_config: myconfigname
soql: SELECT Id,Name, Active__c, AccountNumber, Owner.Name, CreatedDate FROM Account

No SDK or client libraries required.

Works with: Enzo UnifiedEnzo Online

Native SQL

Access SalesForce tables (read/write) directly from within SQL Server databases and SQL Server Jobs; query SalesForce table schemas; cache tables in Enzo and more.

exec SalesForce.Query 'SELECT Id,Description,Status,Subject FROM Task'

UPDATE SalesForce.Account1 SET AccountNumber = 'USA-FL-TMP-005' WHERE Id = '0016100000aEx5iAAC'

Integrate with SQL Server directly.

Works with: Enzo Unified